Courtney Cintron's curatorial practice engages with complex social and polemical issues, that embrace a transformative lens and reimagine alternative narratives. In exploring her own cultural heritage and identity, she has become particularly interested in showcasing experiences related to both the Puerto Rican diaspora and the African diaspora. Drawing from principles of Afrofuturism, her research centers around art that exposes and dismantles hegemonic ideology, transcends the status quo, and elucidates pathways to liberation for people of the Puerto Rican and African diasporas. Additionally, Ms. Cintron employs her background in music in her curatorial approach. She often considers the rhythm, harmony, and instrumentation of an exhibition. She is also an advocate for inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary presentations.


chicago artist coalition's Hatch curatorial residency 2018

orwellian offspring

(june 29th, 2018-july 19, 2018)

Chicago artists coalition

 ORWELLIAN OFFSPRING, a group exhibition featuring works by Marie Baldwin, Mitsu Salmon, and Jacqueline Surdell.


Blackbox: An Afrofuturist opus

(April 28th, 2017-May 17th, 2017)

SITE Gallery, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago

A discursive platform and group exhibition in three acts, that explored and made visible the multidimensional ways that artists are engaging with strategies of Afrofuturism. Co-curated by Courtney Cintron and Sabrina Greig


MFA Show 2017

the School of the art institute of chicago

Curatorial team led by Daniel Fuller